Now fully updated with the new minimum wages from 01 December 2016

If you employ a domestic worker listen up!

  • Did you know you can deduct money from your domestic worker for breakages and damages?
  • Did you know your domestic worker may be entitled to five days family responsibility leave?
  • Did you know you can’t just fire your domestic employee? 
  • When hiring a domestic employee what should you include in your contract?
  • Did you know that you are legally bound to give him/her a payment slip every month?

Don’t be fooled, domestic workers are the fourth highest referring group to the CCMA. So ensure you follow fair labour practice and pay at least the minimum wage.

With the Domestic Worker Toolkit you'll get everything you need to make managing your domestic worker easy!

What forms part of this e-report:

  • Understand the different types of working hours
  • What leave is a domestic employee entitled too?
  • 11 items to remember when paying your domestic worker
    • There are minimum wages for domestic workers
    • How you must calculate increases
    • You’re not legally obliged to pay bonuses
    • When you must pay wages
    • How you must pay wages
    • What you must include on your domestic worker’s payslip
    • Things you may not charge your domestic worker for
    • You can claim compensation for accommodation
    • What deductions you must make from a domestic worker’s wages
    • What you must deduct for unemployment insurance
    • What should you do if you overpay your domestic worker?
  • Make sure you include all these details in your letters of appointment
  • Discipline your domestic workers fairly so they don’t take you to the CCMA
  • Protect yourself and have a code of conduct
  • Follow a fair procedure when terminating employment so you don’t end up at the CCMA
  • What must you do if you move to another city?
  • Along with the Domestic Worker Toolkit you’ll get the following:
    • A sample payslip;
    • An employment contract;
    • Sample disciplinary record;
    • Example of a code of conduct;
    • Wage tables;
    • Sample certificate of service;
    • Domestic worker to do list;
    • UIF registration forms;
    • And so much more!

For just R199 (excl. Vat) you can make managing your domestic worker easy!

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